The Visionaries is an education movement equipping educators and young people to lead change with nature.

We’re an inter-generational community of adults and young people being guided by nature to learn how to act in service of our collective liberation and healing. We support one another through events, resources and skill-sharing, system projects and growing the regenerative education movement.

To overcome today’s intersecting crises we need to see ourselves as part of the living systems we depend on for life. Restoring our personal, collective and planetary health starts with rekindling our connection with nature. We reconnect how we learn with the principles of healthy living systems. Together we’re growing an impact network and telling a new story of what education is for.

Our Work

System Projects

Helping individuals and organisations harness the transformative power of nature connection. Join us to evolve the story of education.

Peer Network

A peer community of educators. Join to meet others, collaborate, learn together and grow the regenerative education movement.

What we do

We’re an ecosystem of individuals and organisations
educating for a regenerative future.

Our partners

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