The Visionaries is a social enterprise established in 2018 to help create nurturing school communities and to support young people into healthy adulthood. We partner with schools to co-create community-oriented, culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate ‘rites of passage’ that help youth navigate key transitions in their journey to adulthood. Drawn from ancient traditions, and integrated with contemporary science and technologies, these rites of passage enables young people to fully self-actualise, whilst also being a powerful tool for enhancing community health, cohesion and resilience.

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

– African Proverb (Origin: Multiple Sources)

Taking a whole systems approach, we help the ‘village’ harness relationships and stories as primary mechanisms for youth and community development. We help schools to be ecosystems of healthy expression, cohesion, positive relationships and academic success. Places that promote the values, ethics, behaviours and philosophies to be shared between generations, that give meaning to life and guide young people to overcome adversity.

Our Team