To help us to achieve our community purpose, we invite anyone participating in and supporting the delivery of our programmes to join us in promoting our guiding principles below. Our intention is to embody them as fully a possible and to keep them central and alive throughout all that we do. These principles reflect our values both as individuals and as an organisation.

1. We embrace our full human nature with compassion and curiosity

We celebrate our imperfection and our uniqueness by embracing our flaws, by inviting the parts of ourselves that hide in the shadows out into the light. We enquire into why we are the way we are, accepting all that we’ve inherited and actively choosing what we wish to leave behind and what to carry with us. This helps us to form a healthy sense of self identity.

2. We are all leaders, here to serve and empower

We are all servant leaders here to work together and support one another, in healthy partnership to bring about the change we wish to see in the world. Leadership takes many, often under-recognised, forms. We lead to support society to reach it’s healthiest expression, knowing that we must travel the bumpy road there together, side-by-side.

3. We recognise the inherent wisdom of youth

We value the important role youth play in a healthy, balanced society. Youth help challenge the status quo and help prevent societies from withering. Youthfulness keeps our minds, bodies and spirits alive. We need youth to create; through their play, exploration, curiosity, and rule-breaking new ways of living and of being are born.

4. We honour the importance of rites of passage

Life experience initiates us again and again – coming of age, childbirth, marriage, loss, changes in job, illness, death – these are all natural times of transition. Crossing the threshold of these big life transitions as a community provides us with important support, guidance and understanding. By collectively witnessing, celebrating and giving meaning to these transitions we create the conditions for the healthy growth, connectedness and wellbeing of any individual and their community. 

5. We embrace diverse ways of knowing

We honour the many different types of intelligence, gaining understanding and finding truth available to us. We recognise that modern Western culture has a narrowed definition of intelligence (to IQ), undervaluing finding wisdom through other parts of human nature, such as intuition, embodiment and emotional awareness.

6. We help each other find meaning and purpose

The way we walk through life is a demonstration of the meaning we attribute to life. Our choices around work and play is an enactment of our values and beliefs. We help others to discover, and live in alignment with their truth.

7. We are diverse parts of a larger whole

We celebrate our diversity and difference, for this is what makes life rich and beautiful. Our diversity is essential to the health of our larger living ecosystem as it builds our collective resilience. We are part of nature, not apart from it, and know that humans and nature thrive better together.

8. We strive to ‘think like a mountain’

Following Aldo Leopold’s famous words, we commit ourselves to holding a long view of time, aware of the interconnectivity of all beings and life over many generations. We aim for our actions to be in service of the children in 7 generations’ time and honour our ancestors for where we are today.