As a large part of your visionary potential lies in your uniqueness, we are pretty committed to supporting every individual we work with – adult or youth – to become even more like only they can be. We strive to be an organisation that encourages, uplifts and celebrates you to find your own best way

Of course none of us are only individuals though. We’re social animals, and we need others. A larger us. To support this, and to help us find our way forwards together, we have committed to being led by the following communal values. 

Our intention is to embody these values as fully as possible and to keep them central and alive in all that we do. Let us know if you see them slip! And please join us in continuing to develop them – we need you to help deepen our lived experience of what any of this might mean:


We love learning. 

We reckon every life well lived is a cyclical journey of constant experimentation, discoveries, hiccups, and learning!

We learn best by trying to arrive at any situation with innocent curiosity, listening well, daring greatly, and by practicing the ultimate kindness of allowing each other to take ownership of our own learning journeys.


It takes a village to raise a child. 

So we don’t ‘learn’ because we seek power over, we seek power withpower with your whole self (warts and all), power with diverse others, and power with the Earth itself. 

To us, that is community. By constantly seeking to cooperate, we celebrate life, build resilience, and honour the African philosophy of Ubuntu i.e. I am, because we are.  

Equally, we think you can measure the health of any community by its ability to hold the full spectrum of human emotions – especially wild ones e.g. love, rage, grief, wonder.


We strive to maintain trust in one another, in the unknown and in the mystery in the universe. 

The magic thing about practicing trust is that it encourages imagination and creativity; it nurtures healthier relationships; and it helps us not take ourselves too seriously. 

Trust flourishes when we stay honest, transparent and share proactively – even when it feels difficult. In fact, especially when it feels difficult!


Just as a healthy, resilient ecosystem is necessarily diverse, so too is any healthy human system.

With that in mind we celebrate biodiversity and welcome collaborators, educators and youth in all their diversity  – people of all backgrounds and preferred identities (cultures, races, genders, sexualities, abilities, religions) are necessary and welcome. The world needs you!

We also think that awareness of differing perspectives, colonial histories and diversity issues is essential – we’d like Education to help everyone with these and recognise this also has to start at home.


Remind us if we forget, but we do see ‘business’ (‘naringsliv’ in Swedish) as ‘nourishing life’ and not the other way around!

Watching the babies in our community, it’s easy to see that play is the fundamental way that any of us begin to learn or create.  

As such, we see play as a spiritual practice, an essential cornerstone of any learning, and we heartily encourage it among adults and children alike. It’s life-affirming!


Our ancestors knew that we are a part of nature – and that the wild is ‘the place where all of life begins’.

We can find ourselves in wild landscapes, discover wild emotions within us, and turn to the wilderness – inside and out – for rest and solace. Mind-bendingly, it seems this whole planet might also be the way it is because of us… So all of life is entangled in this powerful primary relationship.

Nature is a powerful co-host and mirror in all that we do.


Life happens in stages. 

If we choose to, we can embrace that journey – discovering different stages, textures and different possible superpowers in the time we each have between being born and dying. 

The journey requires conscious work though: ceremonially marking transitions, daring to let go of the familiar in order to invite the new, and being supported by your community. 

We believe that by working with these moments more intentionally and creatively, we might help ourselves and each other to evolve healthier selves, communities and societies.