We're Hiring!

At The Visionaries, we want to play our humble part in helping re-connect human health with nature’s health.

We believe we can be most helpful if we support others on their facilitation journey, learning to guide transformative processes for youth and young adults out in the wild. Our hope is that training others will, over time, lead to more and more young people having access to healthy rites of passage and help them to form positive identities that look after both people and planet.

Alongside delivering our own programmes, we create training opportunities for you to further your facilitation skills working in a variety of settings, working with the wild ‘out there’ and the wild ‘in here’ (our strong emotions, relationships, conflict…)

We are looking for Volunteer Assistant Guides to offer a helping hand at our programmes. In return we provide volunteers free access to our Regenerative Educator Training days, making this a unique opportunity for aspiring educators to deepen their practice and advance their careers within nature-based & regenerative education. See below for details of the role and how to apply.

The Visionaries’ Assistant Guide Role