Our Vision

Our mission is to harness education to improve our personal, collective and planetary health.

We need education that revives our connection with nature, that embraces ecological thinking, and improves community cohesion and resilience.

Our vision for society to be more regenerative* (i.e. people and planet thriving together) where people are supported to understand and develop compassion towards themselves and others, to see themselves as part of the more-than-human world, to have experiences that frequently connect them with it, and feel enlivened and hopeful about their future.

*What do we mean by regenerative?

Put simply, something is regenerative when it helps all life to thrive, people and planet, both present and future. Regeneration in education means evolving the learning and culture to rehabilitate and enhance the health of the entire ecosystem of a community, society or place.

Who We Are

We’re a network of individuals and organisations helping young people to grow up with a healthy connection to self, to community and to the Earth.

We operate across the UK, and our network is made up of education leaders, alternative educators, facilitators, youth workers, parents, young people, researchers - anyone who is invested in equipping youth for a thriving future.

Guiding Principles

Our approach is rooted in regenerative design and life’s dynamics. We create learning based on nature’s principles – collaboration, natural life cycles, reciprocity, emergence, regeneration, interconnection and healthy competition. We align ourselves around these five guiding principles.

Our Partners