Support us to grow impact, build financial resilience & widen access to our work for the price of a coffee a month.

Become a Patron!

Launching our Patreon page was a bit of an experiment, we have to be honest. However, after putting the word we have been overjoyed at how our community have stepped forward to back us. Thanks to all who have supported us so far!

We are asking our wider community to support us to grow our impact by giving as little as £2 a month. If lots of people do it’s amazing how much it adds up.

The donations will fund at risk youth to access the transformative experiences we offer, through providing bursaries and funding our Council of Young Visionaries (a blog to come with more info about them soon!)

We are excited to step into the world of community finance and are excited at the increased engagement this will give us with you, our community. Not only will this help us to build our financial resilience and independence over time, we are also going to be sharing lots of exclusive goodies with our Patreon community. Head to our Patreon Page to sign up and read about all the benefits. These include;

  • Monthly meditations
  • Wellbeing and nature connection exercises
  • Discounts on trainings
  • Bespoke merchandise (designed by young artists in our network)
  • A meet up with our team
  • A chance to input your ideas to inform our work

We see community, peer-to-peer finance as an incredible way to bring financial sovereignty back to those the funding is intended to serve. Communities coming together to resource what they believe they need – what could be more beautiful! We love how through increased participation and symbiosis we can collaboratively have increased agency in shaping our own futures.

Become a Patron!

So if you believe our work is needed we would be honoured of you would support us!