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Why This Is About So Much More Than Environmentalism

Our relationship with nature is a powerful thing.

We are all born formed from the earth. We depend on it throughout our lives – to grow and regrow; to inhale and exhale; and to find shelter, solace and to sustain ourselves. When we finally leave, our bodies return to it.

But current educational paradigms do little to nurture or strengthen this fundamental connection.

The profound ecological cost of that severance is plain to see – acidifying oceans, biodiversity loss, climate breakdown. Less obvious but no less tragic is the impact on us – on our bodies, on our societies and on our inner lives.

If we are nature, then social and environmental justice are inextricably intertwined.

We cannot afford to continue to overshoot planetary boundaries. Nor can we afford to turn a blind eye to social injustice.

Our children and their children depend on us starting to find ways that people and planet can thrive, together.

We don’t pretend to have the answers. What we do know though is that, in our most formative years, our development has far less to do with abstract knowledge – the kind crammed into textbooks and exams – and far more to do with how we are taught to relate. What we learn and believe to be ‘real’ is the most significant factor in determining our values and therefore our culture.

If we humans want to be here for another seven generations, we are going to need to transform our relationship with nature. And if we want those to be brighter, more equitable, more life-affirming futures – we are going to need to look into the wild, ‘that place where all life begins’, for fresh inspiration.

Maybe ‘youth’ is not just someone else, some ‘other’ younger person, but that vital part within all of us that can rediscover new vision and possibility just when it seems impossible?

The Visionaries exists to help kindle that spark. We seek to help those who have the appetite to lead change – young and old, side-by-side – to see themselves as part of nature. We know that when we guide people deep into the wild (far out or far in!) they often bring back life-affirming new visions that can benefit us all.

We would love for you to join us in this work.

– The Visionaries

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