Sola Adebiyi is The Visionaries’ Programme Director. He is a professional storyteller, creative facilitator, youth worker, rites of passage guide & martial artist, to name just a few of his ‘hats’! We thank him for sharing this piece upon joining our community

Is it not time to think of ways of being that do not aggress, that do not destroy and that do not limit?

Is it not past time to embrace new ways of living, pathways of regeneration, of enabling and of renewal?

Are we not as humans possessed of an incredible power of ingenuity and capacity?

Is it not true that whatever we put our minds to we can achieve?

What if

What if we put our hearts into it too?

What if we moved from the purely intellectual grasp of situations that are broader than our physical senses can comprehend and decided to allow our intuition to awaken from its calcified bedstead and become our helper as it was always meant to be?

What if we wrap our generative arms around creativity in and of itself whilst our hearts beat with compassion and empathy for the unification of human purpose with earth’s purpose?

What if our purpose was growth, regeneration, recycling, rebirth, renaissance, return?

What if we allow ourselves to have a vision, live a vision, be a vision?

What if we allow ourselves to be Visionaries? What if we impregnate the womb of society with the seeds of a new vision for Education; Equity; Environmental Custodianship; Unified hHealth; Well being and Economic Practices?

What if we dared to live a Waking Dream of Realised Children?

What if the children are those who embrace life as generative process?

What if this is because the adults around them bring wonder, curiosity and enquiry into their young lives?

What if those same adults present love, life-affirming inventiveness and the development of heart centred economic, legal and societal leadership as career aims for the children?

What? Who? How?

What would our world look like then? Who would we be in such a world? How could we even begin to create such a world? Perhaps we could learn from the fisherman in the story below.

Peace & Love,

Sola Adebiyi, Programme Director @ The Visionaries