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Join us for a Community Visit to the Museum of the Home!

Explore the Fascinating “Gardens Through Time” Exhibit with others from The Visionaries’ community.

Date & Time: 30th March, from 12pm to 2pm

Location: Meet us right outside the Museum of the Home at 136 Kingsland Road, London E2 8EA

museum of the home

About the Event

Dive into the captivating world of gardens as we explore the “Gardens Through Time” exhibit at the Museum of the Home. The meet up will be held by our Education Lead, Faiqa, as we together explore the enchanting history of green spaces as integral extensions of our living spaces.

Why join?
The exhibit sheds light on the gardening boom of the 1800s and traces its evolution up to the present day. It’s a unique opportunity to understand how the concept of green spaces has been shaped, transformed, and made accessible over time. This journey through the history of gardens will offer insights into their importance as places of rest, beauty, and community.

What to Expect
– A community exploration of the “Gardens Through Time” exhibit
– Insightful discussions on the evolution of green spaces
– A chance to connect with fellow Visionaries’ community members
– A free visit to a local museum rich in history and culture

For more information about the exhibit check out the Museum of the Home’s website and the exhibity page – https://www.museumofthehome.org.uk/whats-on/gardens-through-time/

We look forward to exploring with you!

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