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Thanks to the success of last year, we are delighted to be running RegeneratED again this year.

Read this report to find out more about last year’s event.

The Visionaries and The Quadrangle invite you to a community gathering of educators to explore ways to grow a more regenerative education system. This invitation is for anyone working in formal and informal learning, mainstream and alternative settings, across all ages, from cradle-to-career and beyond. 

We’ll enquire into systemic challenges and new approaches to education as well as providing a space to slow down and connect through mindfulness, embodiment and nature connection practices – so as to help you to reconnect with your purpose within education.

Spend a weekend with other educators outside the classroom and leave feeling more connected to nature and better equipped to lead as a healthier, more nourished self.

We are living in a time in-between worlds, facing urgent calls to evolve our relationship with nature, with younger generations, and with social justice. Will you join us?

Join us to:


Abundant Ticket – £600

For those with the means to pay for their place and another with less means.

Standard Ticket – £350

A standard price ticket, which helps to cover the events running costs.

Subsidised ticket – £150

A subsidised ticket, thanks to our sponsors Be The Earth Foundation. These are open to anyone who needs it to access the event.

Images from last year

What is ‘Regenerative Education’?

Education for regenerative cultures is about the life-long process of enabling and building the capacity of everyone to express their unique potential to serve their community and the planet and in the process serve themselves.–  Daniel Christian Wahl

Many sectors and educators are starting to look towards more regenerative futures i.e. one in which people and planet thrive together. 

Could we navigate the steep learning curve ahead by learning more from earth’s living systems? How do we live, learn and work in healthier and more adaptive ways, thriving within planetary boundaries? Might we be able to support people and communities to not just ‘do no harm’ but proactively support our planet and its many residents?

This retreat is for you if…..

In More Detail

How do we rejuvenate ourselves, our practices, and our settings? How do we re-weave ourselves back into the life systems that sustain us? When we look and listen deeply, what does nature mirror back to us?

The weekend is an opportunity to experientially explore together what it means to be regenerative. It’s rooted in the principle that we need to nourish ourselves to effectively nourish others. Using open space technology, we’ll collaboratively explore how to get out of degenerative patterns and systems, whilst also acknowledging that to ‘regenerate’ (i.e., bring back to health) involves embracing both life and death, joy and sorrow, gratitude and grief. So, we will look at the conflicts and polarisations that might be holding us back, as well as attune to the wisdom of nature to guide us into more liberating, healthier futures.

Expect to leave feeling deeply nourished by nature, inspired by your peers, and stimulated into new paradigms of understanding.


The Visionaries exists to convene and support an intergenerational community of educational pioneers and leaders who are united – across ages and sectors – by their belief in the need for more regenerative futures (i.e. environmentally viable, socially just, nature-connected). We focus on leadership development and field building: finding, supporting and connecting established and emerging leaders who can enact and educate healthier human cultures, lighting a path that others might follow.

The Quadrangle Logo

The Quadrangle was originally a Victorian model dairy farm with a magnificent hay barn, granary, workshops, lawn and a forest garden and river, which was converted into an educational space and retreat centre in 2007.  As a not-for-profit organisation its aim is to preserve the architectural and landscape heritage; promote wellbeing, biodiversity and ecological regeneration and to make the space available for new approaches to learning and regenerative projects.


This year at the retreat through our team of 'Visionary Cooks', we are enhancing how we enquire through our relationship to food. What we eat is a vote for the world we want. Through organising, cooking and communing around food we learn important skills about how we can live and learn differently.

Food connects us to our own bodies, the bodies of those in our community, the body of the entire ecosystem. At The Visionaries, we acknowledge and are keen to further explore the great impacts of our relationship to food; how our creativity, planning, collaboration, flexibility and resourcefulness around food gives us power to regenerate or degenerate all of these bodies for generations to come.

Expect to be nourished through delicious, plant-based, organic food (that is locally sourced as much as possible).

*Please be sure to let us know if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements.


Accommodation will be provided on site across a mix of some private and twin rooms (available on request), a very comfortable dormitory and a beautiful campsite.

We would encourage those who are able to bring a tent and camp in the beautiful land, enjoying proximity to nature and sleeping under the stars. We are also able to supply camping gear where required.