Wild & Well is helping young people find joy, life satisfaction and discover their place in the world.

Being a young person in today’s world can be challenging in many ways – fitting in, standing out, navigating puberty and relationships, juggling the pressures of academic life and stepping into adulthood – that’s a lot going on! It’s a time when the future can feel overwhelming and uncertain, especially amidst a backdrop of global conflict and ecological breakdown.

By deepening one’s connection to self, to others and to the living world around us, we can learn to thrive; now and well into the future. That’s where Wild & Well steps in, providing a grounding escape into the embrace of nature, which isn’t just the setting for our group sessions, but a profound teacher in resilience and growth.

By turning to the wild, we learn to be well.

Wild & Well equips young people to healthily navigate life’s challenges by exploring their relationship to the world around them, providing a supportive intergenerational community, learning to express their authentic selves and participating in meaningful environmental action.

Amongst the trees and leaves, supported by a small group of fellow travellers, every young person finds a space to grow, laugh, and learn in ways that textbooks can’t teach. Nature shows us not only how to face life’s challenges but thrive through them.

Wild & Well In Action

➤ Who:  12-25 years olds. Our nature guides tailor the programme to each age category (12-14, 14-17, 18-21, 21 – 25). Young people can be referred to us via schools and educational settings, Early Help, CAMHS, social prescribers and other youth professionals.

➤ What:  6 to 8 ‘nature connection’ sessions in a local area with a small group of peers, guided by 2 experienced nature guides. Sessions are site-specific, tailored to include nature crafts, environmental projects, nature walks, mindfulness, sharing circles and learning about mental health.

➤ Where:  In local green spaces, parks and wild places.

➤ Why:  Nature isn’t merely a place to visit; it’s a space to truly connect, resetting both mind and body. When one is immersed in the natural world, breathing fresh air and engaging in meaningful activities with peers, it shifts the focus from internal stresses, to seeing how we can contribute to the vibrant life around us.

Scientific studies confirm what we instinctively feel—nature profoundly uplifts our mood, enhances our resilience to life’s ups and downs, and fosters a deep, satisfying contentment with life. It’s so effective that doctors are increasingly prescribing nature immersion as a remedy for mental health challenges.

But what makes Wild & Well special is the focus on therapeutic support alongside social and environmental action – empowerment and belonging. Here, young people find friends, mentors, and learn the skills to become who they’re meant to be.

Past Testimonials

This is for young people who...

Explore Your WILD

We’ll get off screens, head into nature, slow down, connect, get some “me time” to breathe, get physical, give back, take risks and learn what life is really all about.

Explore Your WELL

We’ll discuss what matters to youth, how to stay positive & what ignites our inner fire. This is all about supporting ourselves emotionally, physically, socially, and mentally.

Wild & Well provides a supportive space and community for youth:


The true cost of delivering Wild & Well is £625 per young person. We recognise that sometimes this amount is not financially feasible. Through referrals and our own fundraising efforts we are sometimes able to offer funded places to those in need. Please reach out to us using the form below to discuss offering Wild & Well to young people in your community. We deliver private programmes for schools and youth groups, as well as local public groups in London, East Sussex and Sheffield.

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